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Reusable hose fittings

Reusable hose fittings have the screwable  ferrules and tail nozzle, they can be fixed and uninstalled on site with wrench, it is convenient to handle.

But, they are generally used in low and medium pressure scenarios, they can’t endure high pressure. most reusable fittings are exclusively disigned for SAE 100R5 hydraulic hose, they are commonly seen in the automobile application.

Reusable hose fittings cover most of the thread type, you can navigate our list below to choose the right one. feel free to contact use when you come across some questions about them.

Sinopulse Group is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic hose, and hydraulic fittings in China, We have served hundreds of clients wordwide in the past ten years.

reusable hose fittings
reusable hose fittings
reusable fittings

Reusable NPT Fitting

Reusable NPT Fitting with male tapered connection port, comply with NPT standard, form multi seal face on the thread when screwed into the femle one, a 60° chamfer offered on the male thread.

reusable fittings

Reusable Metric Fittings

Reusable Metric Fittings have metric thread type, female 24° cone o-ring seal fittings are offered, exclusively used for SAE 100R5 series, reusable tail screwable with wrench.

reusable fittings

Reusable NPSM Fitting

Reusable NPSM Fitting has NPSM straight thread, female thread fitting is offered with a 60° cone seat, nominal diameter of the hoses range from 6mm to 50 mm.

reusable fittings

Reusable ORFS Fitting

Reusable ORFS Fitting has O-Ring Flat seal face, that means a o-ring is on the groove of the male thread and a flat on the female part, here, female offerd for 100R5 hose.

reusable fittings

Reusable BSPP Fitting

Reusable BSPP Fitting has BSPP thread type, BSP female fitting is offered now, it has a 60° cone seat on the female mandrel, exclusively used for SAE 100R5 series.

reusable fittings

Reusable JIC Fitting

Reusable JIC Fitting is exclusively used for SAE 100R5 series hydraulic hose, the female thread fitting has a 74° inverted flare on the mandrel, and the male one has a 74° flared seat.

reusable fittings

Reusable SAE Fittings

Reusable SAE Fittings has SAE standard thread type, the male thread fitting has a 90° flare seat, and the female part has a 90° inverted flare on the mandrel. for R5 series.

reusable fittings

Reusable SAE Flange Fitting

Reusable SAE Flange Fitting is offerd with working pressure for 3000psi, 6000psi individually, connection port is SAE flange type, reusable tail exclusively for SAE 100R5

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    swaged metric fittings

    Swaged Metric Hose Fittings

    swaged metric hose fittings have swaged nozzle on the tail part, the connection port has metric thread type or flange which comform to metric standards in Europe market.

    swaged british hose fittings

    Swaged British Hose Fittings

    Swaged British hose Fittings have swaged type nozzle on the tail part, and the thread type comforms to British Standard Pipe which is entensively accpeted in the British market.

    swaged american hose fittings

    Swaged American Hose Fittings

    Swaged American Hose fittings refer to the fittings with connection port whose thread type comform to several standards in the US. JIC, NPT, ORFS, SAE etc are covered.

    swaged Japanese hose fittings

    Swaged Japanese Hose Fittings

    Swaged Japanese hose fitting are frequently seen on the Janpan made construction engineering machine, Janpan has it’s own thread standard because of it’s advanced manufacture induststy in the past

    swaged staple-lock male fittings

    Swaged Staple-lock Male Fittings

    Swaged staple-lok male fittings are gennerally utilized in mine’s roadway to support the tunnel for anti collapse, they bear static pressure in application and easy to fix with quick lock.

    Banjo fittings

    Swaged Banjo Fittings

    Swaged banjo fittings have a shape like a banjo, they are often used on the small room on the machiney, it is easy to change the fulid direction, an hollow bolt with a hole has thread

    Swaged double connector

    Swaged Double Connector

    Swaged double connector has indentical to side, they are insered into two hydraulic hose end to connect them together, specific ferrule mated with them are required to crimpe

    interlock fittings

    Interlock Fittings

    Interlock fittings are specially designed to be crimped on the tail part when connecting with a hydraulic hose, it has two section on the nozzle, one is for locking and the other is for sealing

    reusable hydraulic fitting

    Reusable Hose Fitting

    Reusable hose fitting seems to be an out-of-date fittings, but it has two outstanding features, can be reusable and can be fixed and unstalled with wrench on the field. so for the sake of convinience,

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