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Hydraulic hose

Hydraulic Hoses
Hydraulic Hoses

What is a hydraulic hose

Hydraulic hoses are rubber pipes with reinforced with textile, wire braid, or wire spiral layer in the middle, they can bear specific pressure when put into use. they convey fluid power from the hydraulic pump to the actor to accomplish specific actions on the machine. 

Hydraulic rubber hoses often find their use in some engineering machines in the field of construction, agriculture, forest, mine, and even some residential cases.

what is the construction of a hydraulic hose

construction of hydraulic hose
Construction of Hydraulic Hose

Generally speaking, a hydraulic rubber hose consists of three-layer from the inner to the outer cover.

The inner tube is an oil-resistant synthetic rubber, its inner wall touches the hydraulic fluid directly, and it must be compatible with the hydraulic fluid.

The middle layer is a reinforced layer with textile braided, steel wire braided, or steel spiral around the inner tube, it functions to support against the pressure from the inner fluid power.

The outer cover is weather and oil-resistant rubber, it wraps the reinforced layer and protects them against any corrosion and destruction.

What are the category of hydraulic hose and the standard they conform to

We supply a complete line of rubber hoses, covering all the SAE 100R series standards in the US and DIN EN series in Europe.

Textile reinforced hydraulic hose: SAE 100R3, SAE 100R6, SAE 100R4;

Wire braided reinforced hydraulic hose: SAE 100R1AT, SAE 100R2AT SAE 100R5;

Thermoplastic hydraulic hose: SAE 100R7, SAE 100R8;

Wire spiral hydraulic hose: SAE 100R9, SAE 100R12;

PTFE hydraulic hose: SAE 100R14;

Different reinforcements have different resistance to the inner pressure, textile reinforced rubber hose is more flexible the wire reinforced hoses, but less pressure-resistant than that. Wire spiral reinforced rubber has more pressure resistance than wire braided rubber hoses, particularly in high pulse cases.

About Sinopulse

Sinopulse Group is a leading rubber hose manufacturer and a professional hydraulic fitting supplier in China, we supply a complete line of hydraulic hoses which comply with the criteria I just mentioned.

If you want more information about hydraulic hoses, please navigate our website HYDRAULICHOSE.CN, or contact us.

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