About Us

About Us

Quality Products Help You Save Money And Time

Sinopulse is a manufacturer that specializes in hydraulic hoses. For more than a decade, we have supplied customers from around the world with reliable hydraulic hose and coupling assemblies that are now in use on thousands of pieces of construction equipment around the world, thereby creating value and enhancing the lives of our users and society.

As a professional provider of hydraulic hoses, it is our objective to supply trustworthy products at low costs on a constant basis. On this path, we are continually advancing; we have developed a stringent quality control system to ensure the quality of our products; we are expanding our production capacity and output to reduce our production costs; and we are applying cutting-edge equipment to further enhance the stability of our products.


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In the development of sinopulse group during the past ten years, We have built up a professional sale’s team, they are well organized like wild goose on the proceed, we hold training sessions periodically to ensure our sale staff have expertise of hydraulic system and share individual experience and improve themselves.

We are looking forward to getting in touch with you and supply our perfect products and premium service.

Sinopulse sales staff training session
Sinopulse sales staff training session