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Sinopulse Group is a professional hydraulic hose manufacturer and hydraulic fittings supplier from China, we supply a complete line of hydraulic hoses and fittings used in most hydraulic system applications, our products conform to the authoritative standard, and acquired certification from MSHA, ISO, CE, etc.

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Quality Products Help You Save Money And Time

Sinopulse is a manufacturer that specializes in hydraulic hoses. For more than a decade, we have supplied customers from around the world with reliable hydraulic hose and coupling assemblies that are now in use on thousands of pieces of construction equipment around the world, thereby creating value and enhancing the lives of our users and society.

As a professional provider of hydraulic hoses, it is our objective to supply trustworthy products at low costs on a constant basis. On this path, we are continually advancing; we have developed a stringent quality control system to ensure the quality of our products; we are expanding our production capacity and output to reduce our production costs; and we are applying cutting-edge equipment to further enhance the stability of our products.

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We ensure the quality of our products, we are responsible for the trustable application in their lifespan, we promise to compensate for our clients based on the defects when using.

swaged metric fittings

Swaged Metric Hose Fittings

swaged metric hose fittings have swaged nozzle on the tail part, the connection port has metric thread type or flange which comform to metric standards in Europe market.

swaged british hose fittings

Swaged British Hose Fittings

Swaged British hose Fittings have swaged type nozzle on the tail part, and the thread type comforms to British Standard Pipe which is entensively accpeted in the British market.

swaged american hose fittings

Swaged American Hose Fittings

Swaged American Hose fittings refer to the fittings with connection port whose thread type comform to several standards in the US. JIC, NPT, ORFS, SAE etc are covered.

swaged Japanese hose fittings

Swaged Japanese Hose Fittings

Swaged Japanese hose fitting are frequently seen on the Janpan made construction engineering machine, Janpan has it’s own thread standard because of it’s advanced manufacture induststy in the past

hydraulic rubber hose

Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic hoses are fiber or steel wire reinforced rubber pipes, they conform to SAE 100R series and DIN EN standard。 They are integrated into a hydraulic system combined with hydraulic fittings.

hose crimping machine

Hydraulic hose machine

HYDRAULIC HOSE MACHINE Hydraulic hose machine DSG 250A B C crimping machine Manual hose crimping machine jks200 SNP 32B crimping machine SNP 32D crimping machine

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